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Potter Art Metal Studios: Ornamental Lighting and Metalwork
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Some rooms require a ceiling mounted light, yet the ceilings are too low for any type of chandelier. We fix that problem with our ceiling mounts; they accomplish the job, and look great.

As with the rest of our products, we can build them in any size, style, material and finish.

We have built a lot of these types of fixtures for older, historical homes, such as the Hutsells, Dilbecks, Arts and Crafts, and others around the Lakewood area in Dallas.

Of course, any home can benefit from this type of fixture.

Our electric fixtures are UL certified.

Please visit our showroom for more design ideas. Please click here to go back to the Potter Art Metal Studios home page.

Ceiling Mount fixture, with a side view and a top view Ceiling Mount Fixture In Progress Hex Shaped Ceiling Mount Fixture
Ceiling Mount half-light Ceiling Mount Fixture with Amber Glass Hex Shaped Antiqued Copper Ceiling Mount Fixture