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Potter Art Metal Studios: Ornamental Lighting and Metalwork
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When was the last time you were able to say that you can swing from your chandelier?

Swinging from any chandelier is a bad idea, so please never do it. The point is that we like to overbuild our fixtures (Unless, of course, you're looking for something delicate). We use heavy materials in our forging so that your fixtures can be substantial as well as beautiful. Even our most delicate looking chandelier can easily carry twice its weight suspended from the bottom of it.

We will appropriately size your fixtures to your rooms; no matter how large or small.

We have built a historically correct 12' tall by 6' wide solid brass Williamsburg style chandelier for the University Park courtroom chambers, and a 16' tall contemporary style fixture for the Geisha House in Dallas, TX. One of our most popular gothic style chandeliers has been built as small as 4' tall, to as large as 13' tall and 7' wide. We can handle anything and would be proud to build a chandelier for your home or business.

Our electric chandeliers are UL certified.

Please visit our showroom for more design ideas. Please click here to go back to the Potter Art Metal Studios home page.

rustic or spanish style chandelier with heavy candles by potter art metal studios trophy room three tier chandelier with multiple faux drip candles by potter art metal studios in dallas tx fleur de lis gothic french chandelier by potter art metal studios in dallas tx
three tier gothic style chandelier with quatrefoil banding brass and wrought iron formal french fancy chandelier with Swarowski Crystals by Potter Art Metal Studios a beautiful wine room gothic chandelier with an unusual hex shape by potter art metal studios in dallas tx