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Potter Art Metal Studios: Ornamental Lighting and Metalwork
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Although an important part of the whole idea, pot racks don’t have to be purchased simply for the convenience of finding pots and pans quickly when they're needed; we like to have fun with our designs.

If you are looking for something traditional; that’s wonderful. However, we also think it’s great when a pot rack can look like a beautiful chandelier or a piece of artwork.

We can make you a professional, contemporary style, shiny new chef’s pot rack, an organic and free form fixture adorned with grapevine clusters, or a beautiful wrought iron French pot rack chandelier — it’s up to you. We like to put the hanging rods inside the fixture. That way, the pots and pans are not in your face. We are here to build whatever you can imagine: the perfect thing for you and your kitchen.

Our electric fixtures are UL certified.

Please visit our showroom for more design ideas. Please click here to go back to the Potter Art Metal Studios home page.

Ceiling Mount fixture, with a side view and a top view Ceiling Mount Fixture In Progress Hex Shaped Ceiling Mount Fixture
Ceiling Mount half-light Ceiling Mount Fixture with Amber Glass Hex Shaped Antiqued Copper Ceiling Mount Fixture