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Potter Art Metal Studios: Ornamental Lighting and Metalwork
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Thank you, Izabela and Richard!!!  Thank you so very much for the beautiful artistic trellis.  Izabela, you were so wonderful to work with and we enjoyed meeting with you.  Your design was above and beyond our expectation!!!  Lorenzo executed the design beautifully!  The installers did an excellent job as well!  We are looking forward to doing business with Potter Art again. Thanks again. -- D.

Working with Izabela really isn't like having to work. She immediately understands what the designers are conceptualizing in their heads and hybrids it with her own creative genius, using her extraordinary sketching abilities to bring her imagination to the physical form for you and your client to see. She is very diversified in her areas and styles of expertise, never saying "I can't" and always brings a "let's make this happen and let's make it better than it's done before" attitude that will take your project from an idea to reality that is dictated by her craftmanship and ingenuity." — Alana Villanueva, Designer for Dallas Design Group